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A flight over Manchester

By the end of the last year we were working on our second assignment by the European Nuclear Society (ENS). After the conference in Warsaw, came time for Manchester. The beginnings were less than glamorous, due to complications at the airport (the flight was transferred to Chopin Airport due to Modlin’s usual problems with mist) and a flight delayed by five hours. We finally managed to land in (rainy as always) England.

The assignment belonged to “Level:hard” kind due to both logistics and sheer volume. 10 hours a day, 800 people attending, 3 locations and 5 conference areas where I was needed at the same time. The event took place in Manchester Town Hall, Manchester Convenience Center and a beautiful gothic cathedral. The locations were varied and impressive – from old gothic to concrete-and-glass modernity.

After-hours I was introduced into the secrets of tai-chi by the ever-smiling Mary. I spent four fantastic evenings full of interesting conversations and tasty food at her place.